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19, Male
Earth...hopefully ...
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I don't do much... I'm like an uninteresting blob. (here at NG at least.) I watch toons, and if they REALLY suck, or if they're REALLY good, I vote on them. PM me, and I kill you...

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Level 4 Blank Slate
Normal Whistle
Ranked as Civilian

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Recent Game Medals

You must be great! 5 Points Checking out the game. Medal Stats.
Beginner Duck 5 Points Complete the first level Medal Stats.
Big Fuzzy Hug 5 Points Defeat BigFuzzyKitten. Medal Stats.
Jump-Man 5 Points Press the jump button to take flight!. Medal Stats.
First Blood 5 Points Hit your first enemy. Medal Stats.
Adrenaline Rush 5 Points Perform a Danger Bonus! Medal Stats.
Warm Up 5 Points Complete the Tutorial Level Medal Stats.
Get on with it 25 Points Click on Dark Link's sunglasses during his Matrix dialogue. Medal Stats.
Robot Chicken 5 Points Click on Cojiro the Cucco for a Robot chicken gag. Medal Stats.
Red Link Bloopers 5 Points Find the hidden Red Link button for bloopers and outtakes. Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 25 (From 10 different games.)

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2010-08-22 20:42:49 by PauI

-18 1i 18 1i,4e -2b 4m -13 52 -1k 5a -1a 5s -1i,5r -1i 5u -r,5u -s 6a -1b 6k -13 6q -18 76 -r 7g -18 7q -r 86 -16 8h 2 8o -5,8r -8 99 10 9k i 9u 1g,50 -38 5g -3h 61 -3p 6i -3t 73 -40 7l -3v 89 -3s 8r -3k 9a -3a 9p -2p a2 -24 a8 -1f ad -r ac -5 a8 g,a8 h 9u 1f,4u -37 4g -2h,4f -2g 4f -27,4k -16 4k -h 4m 5 4u q 5a 1f,5b 1f 5o 1u 69 2a 70 2g 7m 2g 8a 2e 8u 29 9e 1u 9o 1h,58 0 5o 0,5o -1 67 -1,69 -1 64 -h 5k -h 59 -4,6o -1 79 -4 7n -b,7k -d 74 -j 6o -5,69 13 6t 14 7g 11 81 s 83 1f 7l 1r 72 20 6i 1p 68 1a,6c 2b 6e 2s 70 34,70 34 7k 31 87 2t 8i 2h,6c 2q 79 42,8m 2b 7a 44,87 2u 9l 3b ad 57,6c 2q 4u 3g 48 5p,5q 5c 5a a9 9h 9t,92 59 9j a0,ac 57 96 60,49 5r 5o 6c,4g 5u 4g 6c 5j 6n,a2 5e a4 5t 96 6c,4t 6k 4m 9h 49 a9 49 ak,49 ao 54 ar,57 a9 52 hh,9g 9q 9o h5,6k bk 8a bh,6t bk 6t h5,7s bh 80 h3,52 hf 6p h3,7s h2 9l h3,51 hd 4q ia,6r h4 71 j8,4t ia 3t iu 39 jh,38 jh 34 ju 70 j7,3s j2 41 jd 71 j2,83 gv 7u h1 7i ie 7k jr,7k ju 7v ku 84 kd 8t ka,84 kv 91 ku 9h k1 9m i2,9m h7 9l i7,91 ks 8s ka,81 kk 7p js 7l hq,8v kk 99 k3 9h j5,9q 65 a9 9m ae am 9i b5,-8k q3 pj oc,pe oc 11i jo,14t hv 15m hc,16b gn 16v g2 17f f7 17n e8 17s da 17t cb 17m bc 179 ag 16o 9q 160 98 156 8s 14a 8n 13b 8p 12a 91 11e 9f 10m a4 10c b2 10d ca 10j dh 10p eh,110 fe 118 g8,329 1ut 3i8 1v0 3o3 1s2,3rr 1r5 3si 1ql 3t9 1q4 3tv 1pf 3u9 1ok 3ue 1np 3ud 1mq 3u7 1lv 3tr 1l5 3ta 1kh 3sd 1jv 3ri 1jk 3qn 1jg 3pq 1jk 3p2 1jt 3oa 1ke 3no 1l1 3nc 1lq 3n6 1mm 3n8 1ni 3ng 1oe,3lh 213 4ff 268 642 2gb,3nt 1ug 41s 23g,646 2ga 62b 2dh,10n ed 111 fl,15i hd 16b gm,12k lb 328 1uq,-p3 m8 -8l q2,15 1j 28 2d,4b 1k 45 2c 3u 33 3k 3r 37 4h 2n 54 26 5o 1g 69 p 6m 2 74 -m 7i -1b 80,-1c 81 -ko jc##T 63l 2fu